Gawking in Atlanta, ya'll
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FIDDLE • sends up, tailing celebrities in Atlanta: "Saw David Cross over thanksgiving at the Magnapop show in east Atlanta. He seemed really pissed off about something. Christianity maybe?"
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I once made Christian Laettner of Duke Blue Devils Fame breakfast. No, I'm a man. No, I'm not gay. No, it wasn't after a late night of debauchery. It was at Zaroff's Deli in Minnetonka, Minnesota. (now closed...but boy could i tell you some stories. ok, just two and one I don't really remember because it was the company party.)

I also gave Dennis Green's (Former Minnesota Viking Head Coach) wife some meat. Whole different story.

By the way, am I completely out of line with my response so early in the thread? I only ask b/c one of the greatest things I've found about Metafilter is the hilariousness (overshadowed by politics and war).
posted by mic stand at 11:51 AM on December 2, 2004

This is good.

I've seen some Atlanta celebrities rappers out and about in my time there. They're always around when Romeo Cologne spins (see what I mean? And another.) -- sometimes they even get up and free-style with him dropping beats.

Ah, Atlanta, the magnolia blossom of the south.
posted by zpousman at 12:41 PM on December 2, 2004

Wait, how is it sending up Gawker when it covers the same sorts of things? For example, shots of someone's behind on the teevee.
posted by haqspan at 3:56 PM on December 2, 2004

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