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Adenor Gondim has spent almost 50 years photographing Bahia (English version will be available soon I hear, but the pictures speak for themselves). It's an enchanting part of Brazil, not least because of the sights and the candomblé religion and traditions.
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Bahia is a world apart from the rest of Brasil and I remember it with fondness. These are beautiful pictures.
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I only went to Rio, the Pantanal/Campo Grande and Foz do Iguaçú, but Brazil is pretty cool. i would really like to go and see more.
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"I want to go back to Bahia/I don't want to stay here..."
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Thank you so much for these pictures. I'm moving to Salvador da Bahia soon, and it just fuels my fire!
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I lived in Salvador for 9 years-it's an amazing place! What distinguishes Salvador from the rest of Brazil is how much African culture has influenced every aspect of life there, from religion to cuisine and language. Salvador da Bahia was the first capital of the Portuguese colony and is the heart of Brazilian music and culture. Salvador's Pelhourinho district contains the largest collection of Baroque colonial architecture in Latin America, and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And most importantly, it has the 2nd-largest Carnaval in Brazil, and is considered much more participatory than the Rio's Carnaval, which is mostly a spectator event. My favorite photos of Bahia were taken by the great Pierre Verger.
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