Old Istanbul.
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Old Istanbul Postcards. If you have any fondness for old city views, this is irresistible. Here's a look at the Old City of Istanbul a hundred years ago (Hagia Sophia is just left of center), and here's the gate of the Ottoman War Ministry, now Istanbul University (map). There's lots more where those came from. (Via Desultory Turgescence.)
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I love it. Especially, the ones that include people milling about. I have also greatly enjoyed all of the old ww1 photos and old Russian color photos previosly posted.
Who else can now not shake They Might be Giants?

I can think of worse earworms.
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Great link. I visited Istanbul in July '00, it was the most beautiful and amazing city I've ever seen.
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Oh these are nifty!
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Desultory Turgescence sounds more like a parody of a blog name than an acutal blog name. Or is it a variation of "nigritude ultramarine?"
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This is great. Istanbul is so far one of my favorite cities in the world, and these old pictures are fascinating. Thanks, O Chapeau of Tongues!
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Great pix, languagehat. It's remarkable how the city can support 10 million people today and still retain much of that old atmosphere. The old city is roughly 9 square miles.

Here is another gallery of Istanbul photos. Also, the Library of Congress has the Sultan Abdul Hamid Collection online. Finally, for those who know the Kadikoy neighborhood, here is what it looked like in an alternate universe.
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These are beautiful photos. Thank you languagehat!
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These are lovely.
Thank you.
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Istanbul was Constantinople

Every gal in Constantinople
Lives in Istanbul, not Constantinople
So if you've a date in Constantinople
She'll be waiting in Istanbul

Why did Constantinople get the works?
posted by joelf at 12:43 AM on December 4, 2004

Great find, thanks LH. I'm forwarding it to my friend in Istanbul.
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Browsing through these, I realized that it hasn't really changed a heck of a lot. The scene at Eminonu is pretty much the same, the streets in Galata look just like the cards. How many cities can keep their character this well? Heck, below Galata there is the medieval Genoese Barracks, still there and being used to house small locksmith workshops. The Genoese prison tower is the back end of a parking lot, still there, though.

Absolutely my favorite city. I try to spend a few weeks there every year.
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Why did Constantinople get the works?

joelf, that's nobody's business but the Turks'.
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ah, Santa Sofia... where my favorite Jesus is
thanks for the post, L-Hat, always good stuff
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These are beautiful. Aya Sofya looked exactly the same when I was there in March 2001.
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