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Does this just happen in the UK? No, apparently in the US as well. It's that time of year, when good cheer gives way to bad judgment. Perhaps we all need a lesson in etiquette, perhaps we need a date. The W network seems to suggest that you shouldn't get it on with either the booze or your coworkers. Finally, New York Magazine offers advice for Scared Sick Day. What's your damage?
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And ... at least in Australia ... measures are available to help you avoid the potential of other regrettable behavior after the office party. Embarrassing late-night phone calls a problem? Virgin Mobile can stop you before you drunk dial.
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If someone brings up the indiscretion, speak calmly, and use lines like ā€œIā€™m really not comfortable discussing that.ā€

Great stuff.
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Well as an expat Yank in London (hence the moniker) I have been pretty bowled over by post-work intra-office pub shenanigans, Christmas or no. Some of the things that are said / done / attempted would definitely not pass muster at American work gatherings. Then again, it makes life that little bit more interesting. Certainly adds a touch of spice to the water cooler conversations.

And it's pretty institutionally expected that misbehavior will occur at the office Xmas do; witness the restaurant around the corner from my office advertising its services for hire:
Do you want to drink too much, have sex in the toilets, throw food at your boss, and generally make a tit of yourself? Then this is the place! (spaces still available)
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