The Dukes of Hazzard Movie
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Details about the cast and upcoming Dukes of Hazzard movie.... Back in the 1980's and being a little kid, my brother and I loved The Dukes of Hazzard. Well now they are making the movie! The cast looks to be designed for good comedy. I hope it is a good one and not just another flop :)
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This post was deleted for the following reason: smells like a shill for the studios.

I thought the part where you were wishing it would be good had to be a joke, but then I saw that Broken Lizard is doing it. They are very, very funny. Super Troopers was pretty brilliant, but then I go for stupid comedy.
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I don't know what's weirder, that someone is actually making a Dukes of Hazzard movie, or that it won't involve Strom Thurmund (being dead shouldn't stop him from being in the move, it didn't stop him from being in the Senate after all).
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Super Troopers? Very funny.

Club Dread? Very, very, very unfunny and stupid and pointless (aside from the wickedly hot Britney Daniels who should have been cast as Daisy Duke).

This might be decent but I really would have wished for anyone but Jessica "Stupid is the new Smart" Simpson. Willie Nelson as Uncle Jesse is pure genius though.
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If by "designed for good comedy" you mean "formulated for projected box office income based on the relative success of the three American Pie films, the MTV series JackAss (plus applicable imitators both amateur and professional) and the inexplicable pop appeal of a blonde pseudo-chanteuse that imagines herself a modern-day Marie Osmond" ... then you're hopes are not in vain.

For my money, this will suck immensely. I mean, you don't even have a classic Waylon Jennings voiceover: "Looks like those Duke boys are in some trouble, don't it?"
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Wow. When I was a kid, my mother had determined that the Dukes of Hazzard was "too violent" to watch, so I only got to watch it whist at a friend's house. (I also was forbidden from eating Cheetos because of the cottonseed oil and yellow no. 5. Oy.) She's done a complete turn-around, though, because the last time I visited, I insisted we rent Jackass the Movie for the benefit and education of my kid brother, and she ended up watching the whole thing and laughing her ass off. Speaking of, I always had the girly crush on John Schneider, but how can I resist the boyish (read: jackass) charm of Johnny Knoxville?

Anyway, I hope the movie doesn't suck. The cast looks great.
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I'm holding out for "Don't Squeeze the Charmin: The Motion Picture"
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I'm primarily worried about the casting for Duke cousins Coy and Vance. Such delicate and complex characters could easily be squandered on no-talent hacks.
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There is only one Daisy Duke, Catherine Bach, whom along with Lynda Carter helped massage the budding libidos of an entire generation.

Echohead Jessica is a blasphemous choice. Although I do like the idea of Willie as Uncle Jesse.
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Huh... now that I think about it - would it surprise anyone if they decided to delete the confederate flag from atop the General Lee?
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The cast looks to be designed for good comedy.

The Boss Hog and Uncle Jesse parts are inspired. But I won't see it unless the ending is leaked and it's something like this:

Mike and John Sullivan, cousins from South Boston, Massachusetts, drive to Georgia in their green Volkswagen Squareback, christened "The General Sherman." They kill Boss Hog and Roscoe with pool cues in a drunken rampage at the Boar's Nest, and take Daisy and the Duke Boys north. Back in Massachusetts, Daisy gets free prenatal care during her incest-derived pregnancy (established earler in the film) and Bo and Luke get married and buy a Toyota Prius.

That's pretty far-fetched, so I probably won't see it.
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Amen. Super Troopers was caught on TV and blew me away with how good it was -- I remember seeing promos for it at the theater and holding my nose. Expecting more goods, Club Dredd was run to on opening night only to deliver limp, lame duds. I would already be averse to yet another TV series re-enactment, but the idea of the Super Troopers guy doing it makes me think maybe it won't suck too bad at 1:00 am on the Super Station.

Of course, this thread wouldn't be complete without a shot of the new Daisy [good res version], which was partly invoked by this thread, boring as it was.

By the by, with two threads, I would be curious if this is Daisy Blue.

on preview: what Joey said.
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I'm not quite enthused with Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke, she not quite "leggy" enough. I can't really think of any celebrities nowadays with great legs, it's like most of the women you see on the cover of Maxim have cute faces and are chesty but don't have great legs.

Jay Chandrasekhar though, I didn't know he was involved, this might be good. Oh yeah: what Joey said.
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This is actually being filmed in my hometown. Johnny Knoxville and Sean William Scott have been very generous with autographs and they've been willing to pose for COUNTLESS pictures with locals.

Jessica Simpson, on the other hand, has been deemed "stuck up" by her fans here for not taking the time to even wave as she passes by in her Land Rover.

She did, however, finally relent to signing autographs. She had a PA get a notebook from one of the schoolchildren (they were using a school as their base of operations) and she signed fifty pages and told the PA to pass them out to the kids. Needless to say, they were underwhelmed.

(As a "Dukes" fan from wayback, it is REALLY cool to see the local garage with a big sign out front that says "Cooter's Rebel Repair", and a parking lot with half a dozen "General Lee's" parked out front.
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I once stood in line for an hour to get Enos's autograph. (I was nine.) But aside from the Willie Nelson casting decision, this looks like shit.
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This movie could be the next "Starsky & Hutch" -- and I suppose some people see that as a good thing.
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My only motivation for watching this TV show when I was 7 years old, and I was a diehard fan, was John Schneider. Sean William Scott is cute, but he's not even in the same league.
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Looking back I am sort of surprised about the whole blatent dixieland of the General Lee and the good 'ole boys made it on the air at all, I'd be shocked if they didn't find a way to tone it down for the movie. That being said I'm in, I wasted so much time as a kid watching the Duke boys.

Yeee Haaww
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I am embarrassed to say I second the first part of jonmc's comment -- ms Bach's image (along with Lynda Carter's) is branded in the memory of so many now-thirty-something straight males. it's hard to replace Bach's face and, yes, body, in one's image now. she will always be our Daisy
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*tries to suppress distant memories*
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*gives up, starts Googling "Catherine Bach*


here she is, now
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All I have to say to you, matteo, and jonmc, is,


The angel of death, the everpresent enemy, time, it is patiently waiting for you. And waiting for you. While you decompose.

(Me, I drink absynthe, so I'm pretty well preserved..)

I go to bed every night thanking the creators for inventing 'dukes. And bless Daisy for being their messenger.
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Like most movies, I'm hard pressed to see how this can be nearly as good as the book.
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Damn you matteo, while I'm here crafting finely honed comedy, you beat me to my own gag. Away with you sir! Preview be damned.
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There already *was* a Dukes movie, which (I believe) pre-dated the TV show. Damned if I can find it--it might have a different name-- but they show it on late-night cable from time to time. The only carryover from the movie to the TV show was Waylon's narrative voice-over. (better recollection would have occured, had the two times I've seen the old movie involved less Old Crow)
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Found it. Moonrunners.
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I hope the movie is better than the board game. I played this game once. It's slightly more challenging than Candy Land.
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