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Yikes! In light of approaching finals do you find yourself excogitating WTHHIBD (what the hell have I been doing) over and over, and wondering if your lost time may have been due to circumstances beyond your control? While the vindicating qualities (obviously you would have been more productive if you hadn't been somebody else's science experiment) of this alibi are usually ephemeral, it is still curious to think is all this talk of sightings/abductions/misplaced keys just a hoax, an elaborate cover up, or some yin yang amalgamation of the two? Is the mystery surrounding Area 51 nothing more than conspiracy, (even if well positioned)? To what extent are we inexorably skeptical or prepared to sort through the overflowing, spooky coffers of galactic mystery?
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When I was a student, I procrastinated by doing the nasty with ETs.
posted by mds35 at 9:54 PM on December 7, 2004

well...finals have approached very quickly and I do experience "lost time" occasionally. I'm pretty sure it's because I was drunk most of the time though. Although I do enjoy the occasional anal probe.
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The only saucer that warped time for me was a Frisbee.
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I was just speaking about the odd time dilation/time constriction properties of the last third of the semester to a friend today. As if, two weeks before the end of the emester, I am suddenly accelerating and approaching light speed.... I hadn't considered the greys.

and where are my keys?!!
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My wife lost time this semester, but it certainly wasn't her fault. At a state university of 35,000 students, they announced in mid-November that they were moving up exams about a week because 3500 might participate in or attend a bowl game. So, for the convenience of 10% of the students, they screwed the other 90% out of a week of schedule time. The week that was lost, by the way, is the "dead week" used for review prior to exams.

The topper was when they sent her, an undergrad student, a holiday card asking her to donate money to the school. Grrrrrrrr.....
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I once blacked out for the last 1/4 of a semester once. I regained cognition just to learn I had turned in an eight page term paper that consisted of nothing but the word "Trondant" over and over again. ;)
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