The US Government should buy it and make it a national monument.
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The US Government should buy it and make it a national monument. PARC up for sale? I didn't realize that Xerox was hurting so badly.
posted by Steven Den Beste (4 comments total)
Sad, sad times, surely someone can buy PARC and preserve it?
posted by Markb at 3:48 PM on October 19, 2000

Perhaps it can be retooled as an incubator. It is very sad, when I was younger, the name sounded oddly magical, with that exotic spelling and aura of pure noble science. I cannot think of any institution this side of the Bell Labs that I have such affection for. Maybe Fermi Lab, but not really, it does not have the magic.
posted by thirteen at 3:56 PM on October 19, 2000

How much might PARC cost now (for an investor/university/government)? The article says something about Fuji-Xerox partnership. Does that mean Fuji is part owner of PARC? If a partner is involved, wouldn't it drive up the price for PARC?

posted by tamim at 11:14 PM on October 19, 2000

Xerox and Fuji have been allied for nearly 40 years. Most of the international operations are known as "Fuji Xerox". There is a "Fuji Xerox PARC" but it's only a couple of years old.

Fuji may own part of Xerox, but they don't own PARC /per se/.
posted by dhartung at 8:21 AM on October 20, 2000

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