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Speed Demo Archives is the Guinness Book of Records for Quake speed runs, but they also have speed demos for other games, including a 2:57:35 Half-Life 2 run (torrent to video here). [Via FileRush]
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also semi-related
posted by bob sarabia at 3:21 PM on December 8, 2004

Wow, I'm downloading the Half-Life 2 torrent our of sheer curiosity of how it looks (the downside of using a mac). Great find.
posted by StephenV at 4:12 PM on December 8, 2004

I'm personally a big fan of the Half-Life speed run. If you've ever played through the whole game, you can appreciate that the guy finishes it in 45 minutes...
posted by neckro23 at 4:28 PM on December 8, 2004

There's a ton of fun speed runs at archive.org, although why they recently moved them from the videos area into the "software" are is anybody's guess.
posted by kevspace at 5:06 PM on December 8, 2004

Whole-lee poop!
aka: [Coooooll!]
posted by robocop is bleeding at 6:16 PM on December 8, 2004

Perfect username for the post, eh? :)
posted by Vulpyne at 6:36 PM on December 8, 2004

So the HL2 speedrun - do they include the loading times?

torrents traffic is blocked at work
posted by PurplePorpoise at 3:00 PM on December 9, 2004

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