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Assorted Street Posters - "This collection of street posters, mad scribblings, political screeds, religious rants, and paranoid raves was collected on the streets of New York City from 1985 to the present. Some time ago, it occurred to me that the streets are as full of art as, say, thrift shops are full of great paintings. . ." (via cmonkey via undule) (this is my 7th post please be gentle)
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This [nsfw] makes me laugh every time I think about it.
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I love found art/entertainment like this, thanks!
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I love these.

'MISSING DOG HEAD' is currently on my fridge.

Ever since high school, I've used flyers and posters as part of my wall decorations in my apartment. Ever since Seattle overturned its poster ban, there have been some really stunning posters that I've seen around.

Seattle's The Stranger also has a feature called Poster Of The Week, complete with visual design tips!
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Great link, thanks.
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Very good post, thanks. When I visited New York City for the first time as a teenager in the late 80's I discovered a man on the street who was translating the Iliad right there on a street corner. He hand published his work and handed it out for free.
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Way cool.
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PS. I'll find my frog
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Heh, I linked that Dog Head page way back when. UbuWeb seems much more popular nowadays.
Good to see...again.
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mongo had the clap?!? he got busy on the drums
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Who wants to call this number and find out who it belongs to? : )
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