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Ever wondered why they use K to record a baseball strike? How about the origin of eavesdrop? What about vamping on a piano? All this and more at the Online Etymology Dictionary.
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Yay, another site to add to my growing list of language references.
The site creator sure gives a detailed bio of himself! But hey, I can dig a language geek who loves nature and hates SUVs.
Amen brother.
Thanks, xmutex.
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Good stuff. Thank you.
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[This is f*cking good, if a bit verbose.]
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As far as I know, a 'piano vamp' is a short rhythmic pattern played many times over in the course of a song, and has little to do with being extempore or not. Very nice resource anyway, thanks.
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Thanks for the link! Just yesterday I was wishing that Merriam-Webster had an etymology section.
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The Online Etymology Dictionary... but worth introducing to a new generation of MeFites. A useful resource, but not (of course) infallible.
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God damn it. I was excited about this too.

I forgot to change the search drop-down box to "since day one".

I apologize. I am currently committing ritual disembowelment.
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This is terrific! I'm so glad you posted it xmutex. I missed it the first time around.
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I cringe when the pitcher has 3 strikeouts and hanging off the side of the bleachers or on the scoreboard is a big fat "KKK"
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This is fun, I've always wanted to check cretin and I was right! from Fr. Alpine dialect crestin, "a dwarfed and deformed idiot," from V.L. *christianus "a Christian,".

I was, sadly, incorrect on the origins of moron but that's okay. Cretin's a better word anyway.

afx114, what about when Randy Johnson's pitching? Then its like a white supremacist with a really, really bad stutter. And that kind of makes me laugh.
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a while back i disagreed with someone claimed that what ashlee simpson did before fleeing the stage on SNL was vamping. to that someone: a big nelson muntz HA HA.
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"of, pertaining to, or having beautiful buttocks," 1800, from Gk. kallipygos, name of a statue of Aphrodite, from kalli-, combining form of kallos "beauty" + pyge "rump, buttocks." Sir Thomas Browne (1646) refers to "Callipygæ and women largely composed behinde."
[Sorry if this isn't PC but I love the sound of the word and find the epitomology of it interesting.]
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The explanation for vamp is a little too narrow. It's primary meaning in a performance context is "to fill space", which can mean different things in different situations. You can vamp by extemporizing on a piano while the singer talks about what they ate for breakfast, by playing a short rhythmic pattern between sections in a latin-jazz tune (this is more used as a noun though), by improvising some dialogue in a play when a technical queue is late, or by dancing a jig after getting busted for lip syncing on live TV.
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The etymology of "vamp" is interesting, but the definition as written is wrong. To vamp, in a musical sense, is not to improvise (extemporize) but rather to play a short set of chord changes repeatedly.

On preview: what mexican said.
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Great post, fascinating and fun. Thanks.
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great link. i'm glad they put right in the first sentence "etymologies are not definitions." please to keep in mind!
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