Alien Props For Sale
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Alien (1979; dir. Ridley Scott) original props and stuff for auction. Here's a Halloween costume the kids down the street won't soon forget. And wouldn't a plaster cast of Tom Skerritt's teeth make a great stocking stuffer? Also, this prop seems like it could be put to some alternative uses the makers never intended.
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Bah. The site won't even let you look without setting a cookie.

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oh my. alternative uses indeed. Sci-fi sex toys.

Sale 2003 Lot 31

ALIEN, 1979, original chest buster mould
An original plaster mould used in the production of the chest buster.
Approx. 15 inch. high

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Or you could do what I did. Make your own. You just need some clay, some plaster, some Pam, some latex and a bunch of armature wire. Oh and time. It took three months to make in my copious spare time. If you want simplicity, you could get this and go as the Leader from Sleeper.
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