Hear them now and believe me later
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Cower in fear girly-men for Crom has finally answered our prayers and brought to us a band which unites Arnold Schwarzenegger with the awesome forces of metal. Witness the awe-inspiring, towering colossus of sonic force that is ArnoCorps. (via BoingBoing and previously here)
Intrinsic within the genre, these songs are full of exotic, mysterious and unbelievable details, which are often critical of society and convey the views of the oppressed. It is this standpoint which has lead to ArnoCorps' aggressive sound and physical presence, which accentuate the emotive forces within the tales they convey. We insist that these songs not be experienced as audio or text alone. To truly experience the splendor that is ArnoCorps, you must go see them live. Come on! Do it now!!!

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As their Austrian-born vocalist says, "I would hear these stories when I was my younger years. It was my grandmother who told me about Total Recall, True Lies and Running Man. Fantastic ancient stories that stay with me to this day. To my surprise, my homeland saw my retelling of these stories through music as some kind of threat. The lyrics were too controversial because they were often critical of society and told the views of the oppressed. I knew one day we would have to bring our message to countries that value freedom as much as ArnoCorps.

All that, with stunning lyrics like "Get your ass to Mars!".

Good grief.
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It takes more and more outrageousness to get noticed these days. I'm of the opinion that it's so much trouble that it's hardly worth the effort any more. After all, we've already had Extreme Noise Terror, Gwar, and Genitorturers. There's really not much left, is there?
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what utter crap.
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