Hiroshi Sugmoto's Mathematical Photographs
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Beautiful Mathematical Surfaces : "Conceptual Forms," a series of photographs by Hiroshi Sugimoto, conceived as an hommage to Marcel Duchamp (English summary) and as an un-Man Ray-like treatment of the subject, consisting of (English summary) "Mathematical Forms" ("Curves" and "Surfaces") and Mechanical Forms.
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They are beautiful photographs, but it's the rediscovery of the objects themselves that I most appreciate here.

For the NYT-phobic, or the eventuality of the link expiring, here are more photos. If your appetite is whetted, see more at the Fondation Cartier (flash exhibit).

As a bonus, here are some nice (but in totally different—computer-graphicky, not museum-quality—way) visualizations of complex-valued functions: by Frank Farris, George Abdo and Paul Godfrey, and Douglas Arnold.
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How funny, I was groovin on these sights late last night. Cool stuff indeed. Small windows into another world.
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For such smooth mathematical functions, the figures sure have some rough edges.
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All too brief, but very nice.
See also Helaman Ferguson.
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Also, for complex function visualization, see Hans
Lundmark's pages
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More fantastic sculptures, including a minimal surface. Quite an amazing site, really.
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paramnesia: yep. Sorry to say, this is just being hyped because it's got onto the mainstream-arty circuit. As with the examples others have provided, there are many far superior art images of mathematical surfaces on the Web.
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just looking at the first pic's formula reminded me of the Calculus class i have probably just failed. how depressing...
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Nice links, all.
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::gets out the clay::
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