Particle physics zine.
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Symmetry magazine.
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From the About page
symmetry is a magazine about particle physics and its connections to other aspects of life and science, from interdisciplinary collaborations to policy to culture. It is published 10 times per year by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, both national laboratories funded by the Office of Science of the US Department of Energy.

The magazine is published in print and electronic editions, and anybody can subscribe free of charge through our subscription form.

All issues are archived online and freely accessible.
posted by Gyan at 10:40 PM on December 13, 2004

Why have particle physicists lowered the temperature on a new accelerator? How cold will the International Linear Collider be?

I was wondering that just this afternoon.
posted by DrJohnEvans at 10:49 PM on December 13, 2004

Awesome. The cool part is that I've finally taken enough physics courses that many of the interviews make sense. I also thought this article was pretty good, and explained the title well also.
posted by apathy0o0 at 12:40 AM on December 14, 2004

What an asymetrical website. I feel tricked.
posted by TwelveTwo at 3:34 AM on December 14, 2004

...I spelled it right, really.
posted by TwelveTwo at 3:35 AM on December 14, 2004

I'll bet they know their material forwards and backwards.
posted by Faint of Butt at 7:47 AM on December 14, 2004

Great! (See, kiddies, if you have a really good link you don't need paragraphs of explanation or a shitload of scraped-together "supporting" links. This is a top-notch MeFi post.)
posted by languagehat at 7:48 AM on December 14, 2004

Gyan, thanks for posting this.

I'd like to point out that you can subscribe to the print edition at no cost. The two issues out so far are beautiful.

(FYI US taxpayers support the magazine, by way of the DOE Office of Science).
posted by funkbrain at 12:25 PM on December 14, 2004

Also, y'all might like the CERN courier, which is to the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) as Symmetry magazine is to SLAC and Fermilab.

(Though to be fair, the articles of the CERN courier tend to be more technical in nature than those of Symmetry magazine.)
posted by funkbrain at 12:35 PM on December 14, 2004

No offence, funkbrain, but you might want to read the existing comments, from the top, before posting.
posted by Gyan at 12:56 PM on December 14, 2004

...and that means—as Frank Wilczek has put it—the answer to the question "Why is there something rather than nothing?" would simply be that "nothing" is unstable.

I like that.
posted by vacapinta at 7:21 PM on December 14, 2004

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