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Now that we may be renaming the rebuilt eastern span [pdf] of the San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge after 19th century character (and sometime MeFi topic) Emperor Norton I, the question remains: when the time comes, what shall we name after his devoted widow? [cached last link]
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Did that naming plan survive all the recent re-plannings of what bridge to build?
posted by scarabic at 8:50 PM on December 15, 2004

It's a separate issue. If the legislatures of Oakland and California approve the name, it could be the least contentious aspect of the whole project.

As for the Widow's future memorial, Coit Tower would be the obvious cringe-inducing choice, I suppose...
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Wow. I missed that post, fandango. Good stuff. I'd like to see something beautiful adorn the East Bay's gateway, but honestly, I just want an unobstructed view of my homeland as I fly into it from SF. That tall viaducts doesn't look so terrible to me. Kinda. Sorta. Not too bad.

You're not suggesting they would rename Coit Tower, are you, 'docious? I don't think that will ever happen. I've heard of this Emporer of America character but it's nice to learn the real story.

Good post!
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[I have no comment on Californian politics - apologies - but I'm in San Francisco for the first time, and went up the Coit Tower today. I just thought that was kind of cool. Plenty of people there; it was a gorgeous day.]
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You ppl are making me hella homesick.

Anyone else first get to know Emp Norton through that issue of Sandman?
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I actually met a relative of his. Nutty through and through. But he's continued the tradition and publishes his own little zine.
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Maybe they could name it after Norton's contemporary successor, HRM Caesar St. Augustine de Buonaparte. I've spoken to this guy, and, may I say, "woo woo!"
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As seen in the Congressional Record.
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first get to know Emp Norton through that issue of Sandman

That was a good episode, but the eclipse happened the day after his burial, not the same day as the comic book implied. Still spooky though.

With all the talk about BitTorrent and movies earlier on MeFi, nobody mentioned that another thing BT is excellent for is digging up old comics. Crazy people with too much time have scanned in the entire run of series so you can download the Sandman with a single click. I am just waiting for an XML annotation standard to emerge for these archives so you can search by character or quote on each page...
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You're not suggesting they would rename Coit Tower, are you, 'docious?

No, that'd never happen. Coit was another of our beloved eccentrics. But the Widow Norton is just as interesting a character as the Emperor, and has achieved some remarkable things as well - first openly gay candidate for office in the U.S., founder of the Imperial Court system, all that. I wonder if we'd honor her the same way?
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Update: looks like the Emperor Norton name will not necessarily be the least contentious aspect of the project ...
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I think I first heard of the Emperor in the Illuminatus Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson, the author being another character wonderfully weird enough to name a bridge after.

If nothing else, read the joke about the 3 Texan surgeons on the JOKES page.
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This is why I can't afford to get sick and miss days.
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