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John Conyers, Jr., Ranking Minority Member of the House Judiciary Committee, accuses TRIAD Governmental Systems Inc. of pretty transparent recount fraud in Ohio, as well as having a really suspicious-sounding name. Get Your Democracy On.
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And the Republicans are crying foul in Washington state. Apples and oranges, I know, but until a non-partisan (or bi-partisan) organization weighs in, it all sounds like partisan griping to me.
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Er, you'd have to be suspicious of any government-involved organization calling itself "TRIAD", anyway. I mean, not the most trustworthy word association to make, is it?
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Observer: “Why do you feel it was necessary to point out to a team counting ballots the number of over-votes and under-votes when the purpose of the team is to in fact
locate those votes and judge them?”
Barbian: “It’s an easy mistake as you ’re hand counting..... It’s just human error...The machine counts it right...We’re trying to give them as much information as possible to help them out."
Interviewer: "You were just trying to help them so that they wouldn't have to do a full recount of the country, to try to avoid that?"
Barbian: "Right."

Well, obviously they were just trying to help reduce the workload of an over-burden American workforce around the holidays.
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Thanks for all these posts, Pretty. From intimidation, and not enough machines in Dem districts, to the tampered data, to the obvously biased Sec. of State, to the recount illegalities, to the media's ignoring of all this, I've lost hope in any sort of fair elections--now or in the future. (and watch the shit they'll pull in Iraq too, in Jan.)
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Making claims of voter fraud and referencing biased sources is not very persuasive.

So let me help you out: Try this Vote Watch report

They are very precise in specific deficiencies and what is needed to correct them.

All that is required to fix the vast majority of these problems is people to care enough to contact their local government and hold their elected officials accountable.

of course that would require people to care first
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forforf -- In Washington the legally appropriate people are counting the votes and certified the count. the Repulbicans didn't complain about the count until it went against them, and their complaints are procedural, not fraud based.

According to the legally appropriate people in this case in Ohio, someone from TRIAD who had no business messing with the vote computers walked in and started swapping electical boards with no explanation for what was happening. An election official signed an affadafit which has been backed up by another witness.

Just because someone is on one side of an argument and not "non-partisan" doesn't mean they are wrong. You still need to look at the evidence to determine what you think.

Just throwing up your hands is, to my mind, not an option.
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Not Just an issue of the tech altering the machine but that he was allowed to do it without oversight. This is a violation of Ohio election law. There is also a question of dialup access to other machines by Triad.
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I just heard Kerry's going to court himself finally?

Kerry's going to court himself? Won't Teresa be jealous?

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