Management methods, models, theories
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Management methods, models, thoeries Kick off 2005 sounding and/or being smarter than everyone else. Minds will spin given the amount of info available here.
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We like to play Buzzword Bingo with words like these. Makes those dull meetings more exciting. Six Sigma? Bingo!
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What's happening.

Ya see, we're putting the cover sheets on all FPP before they go out. Didn't you get the memo?

I'll go a head and make sure you get another copy of that memo.

OK? So.... If you could just go ahead and do that from now on, that'd be great.
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Excellent post. Does anyone have any similar posts for sales theory? I am thinking of 'maneuver X' from Whit Stillman's film 'Barcelona'.
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It's as if the computer(s) have become sentient and is diagramming human behavior. We've just stumbled upon the notes. The type is certainly too small for humans.
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From "Six Change Approaches" (Kotter, Schlesinger, 1979):

Managers can explicitly or implicitly force employees into accepting change by making clear that resisting to change can lead to losing jobs, firing, transferring or not promoting employees.

Almost koan-like in its pure beauty .....
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"You do business with the buzzwords you have, not the buzzwords you'd like to have"
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Wow. If I would have had this site 2 semesters ago, my life would have been *much* easier. thanks for awesome post.
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This is so going to make my Management for Information Organizations much, much easier this coming quarter. Phoning it in will be taken to new heights.

Also, are these people serious? And do they really make more money than me?
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The one management theory that I've been most obsessed with lately is the Peter Principle.
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mokujin, Confessions of a Car Salesman is more about sales technique than theory, but it is an interesting perspective nonetheless.
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Fight the real evil.

*tears up picture of management methods website*

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