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Peace Art Project Cambodia --turning the detrius of war into art, in hopes of a more peaceful future. More info here, and here. "You can't help but think about what this machine has done to affect so many lives." And that is really the point. These sculptures are political art at its most powerful - relics of a violent past transformed into expressions of hope for a more peaceful future.
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well, that got a little messed up

they make furniture too.
posted by amberglow at 7:38 PM on December 25, 2004

This is fantastic! I love the chairs! Great link.
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This is just awesome!
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Wow! Actually pretty disturbing stuff, the stool made of machineguns was like... man. And then of course I can just see the sorts of folks that would think it was the BEST STOOL EVER. Still, very impressive stuff. Thanks.
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Phnom-enal! (heh)

Interesting also that the list of donors behind PAPC are Angelina Jolie, Emma Thompson, and Stella Tennant, which will certainly raise awareness in social circles that are somewhat uninformed of what Cambodia has endured. What I like about this "sculpture-conjured-from-war-artifacts" concept is that it is easily applicable to so many other cultures, and can be introduced and encouraged in other countries that have suffered historical trauma such as Bosnia, Vietnam, Rwanda, Afghanistan, etc.
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Interesting link. I recall seeing a giant sculpture of a pistol, made from melted-down guns & with the barrel tied in a knot, in Phnom Pehn. Ironic considering that a firing ranges are a 'must do' on the tourist scene over there.

naxosaxur - I found that the Vietnamese had pretty much overcome the 'historical trauma' of defeating the US. They're a practical lot and relics from the American War are sold as scrap.
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