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Best "Mashups" download site? This is the most complete mash up download site I could find - other suggestions? PS This has become my #1 music choice. I know I am late to the party. This has been discussed here before. Peter Rojas of Gizmodo/Endgadget fame was way ahead. I can't see it as a political protest movement, I prefer to see it as a "cornucopia of brilliant, foolish, and brilliantly foolish novelties."
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I think calling a site with around 100 mashups "the most complete" may be a small stretch.

I recommend you check out Get Your Bootleg On, as there's plenty of fresh stuff there on a regular basis - both mashed and fan-remixed.
posted by Remy at 1:21 PM on December 26, 2004

I think a mention of Boom Selection is definitely needed - they've been flying the flag for years now. Some of my favourite mash up producers at the moment are Soundhog and Poj Masta. Nothing like a bit of glitchcore to temper the cheesiness.
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Addendum: Previous link was to the old boards, which certainly has a lot of content but I guess are now obsolete. New GYBO boards are here.
posted by Remy at 1:35 PM on December 26, 2004

Haven't we talked enough about mashups already?
posted by O9scar at 1:39 PM on December 26, 2004

Haven't we talked enough about mashups already?

posted by jimmy at 2:42 PM on December 26, 2004

but how do you really feel?
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Good stuff can be found under the "mashup" tag at delicious
posted by bering at 5:46 AM on December 27, 2004

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