Two peas in a pod.
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Every July, peas grow there. {mp3}
Eat Your Peas. {mov}
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I heard this sample the first time on Negativland's "Happy Heros" Album a few years ago. I still think its funny to this day.

The Animaniacs, a popular cartoon from around the same time the Negativland album was issued, had a skit of "Pinky and the Brain" were they recreated this sketch almost exactly. Which is kinda an odd end-round reference to me.

If you like that sample, try the Colonel Sanders one here (RA). It too was featured on teh Negativland album.
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Orson Wells drunkenly tries to get through a radio ad, and puts the director in his place.

That's one FREAKY looking kid. Glad I don't eat peas.
posted by joelf at 2:14 AM on December 28, 2004

If you like this kind of stuff (and who doesn't) then you'll want to get these CDs.
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[i]Every July, peas grow there.[/i]

This was also featured on March 1st in Otis Fodder's 365 Days Project
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The kid didn't look freaky to me but the peas where scary.
Funny, my parents never made me eat my veggies. Even funnier is the fact that I am a vegetarian now for over 20 years. Also, as a child, I thought of peas as beebees that rolled off the plate. Other food didn't do that. so I thought peas where special
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"I always eat peas with honey,
I've done it all my life,
They do taste kind of funny,
But it keeps them on the knife".

My mother never gets tired of telling her pea-related story. When she was little, during supper, her mother would say "Eat every bean and pea (pee) on your plate", and my mother's sisters would laugh hysterically, but my mom didn't get the joke until it was explained to her as an adult.
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There was a bit on The Critic with Orson Welles doing a pea ad and getting upset when they make him say they're full of "green pea-ness"
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The short movie was good, but I loved the audio. Absolutely loved it.

"This is a very wearying one, it's unpleasant to read. Unrewarding."

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