Portrait of Alaska
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Portrait of Alaska Norio Matsumoto's unspeakably beautiful photographs. Mountains,lights,forests. tiny remote island in big ocean.
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Wow. Thanks for that link.

The description of how he lives is rather impressive, too (months at a time in the wild, summer and winter). He says that it gets to be -40 F sometimes. He also says that his snow cave is 20 F warmer than outside. So in the really nasty stretches, his home in the winter is a cozy 20 below zero. Ouch.

Beautiful photographs. The northern lights shot make me want to go to Alaska and see them myself.
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Really great pictures. Hard to believe some of the northern lights pictures aren't digitally altered. Also a very clean functional layout to display them. In summary:

[this is good]
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Anybody know of how to get a hardcopy book of that stuff? Or even prints? Maybe I'm a moron, but I can't find any sort of "buy me now!" link. It shows integrity to his work, but I also think it's good stuff and I'd love a print for my cube.

I second that the interface is great.
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I third the interface comment. I wish there were more webpages out there constructed like that.

Awesome pictures too!
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thedevildancedlightly, on his "contact me" page, the photographer says that you can request print ordering info directly from him.

These photographs are simply amazing, I hope he can keep his job.

Does he bring a friend along with him? In one of the photographs, there is a picture of him with a camera and tripod. To me, this seems silly.
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he saw a book,became inspired,moved to alaska,bought a camera,became nature photographer. I am quite mesmerized.
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Lovely. Here's a University of Alaska exhibit of the photographs of Michio Hoshino, the photographer whose book Norio says inspired him.
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I've never seen my state captured so beautifully before. It would be nice to be able to meet this guy and have a conversation with him. He sounds very interesting.

Whoshotwho: I don't quite understand your comment about keeping his job. ?
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These are amazing and beautiful and wonderfully presented. Nice find, hortense.

I have lived in SE Alaska and still have family that lives there. Although I was only there for a year I would encourage anyone considering a trip to go. Like many beautiful places it is just like the pictures but more. The sky, the air, the mountains, the sounds. I don't mean a cruise either, find a travel agent who is familiar with Alaska and can arrange for you to travel throughout the state. You can do it for a little more and have a much more amazing Alaskan experience.
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Beautiful. Thank you.
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This is amazing. It's like a dream of mine that I know I probably would never go through with, but this is just enthralling. He flew in to the glacier on a little plane? I see no indication that he's accompanied by anyone. The self-portrait could easily be with another tripod, and he mentions that the lonliness isn't too bad. Simply incredible.
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im glad that somebody wanted to sit around in negative 50 to capture those pics.

ill gladly enjoy the work from the warmth of my office cube

a trip to the adirondacks in the fall will fulfill my need to get back to nature. maybe one day when i am a bit older ill do a summer trip to alaska. but for now, i like going to places where i will see good looking women. hence my trip to latvia and estonia last year.
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Beautiful pictures. MotherTucker wants to go to Alaska and dance under the northern lights.
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Terrific post, thanks.
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I saw the exhibit at the UAF museum (this spring I think?) and fell in love with them.

It would be nice to be able to meet this guy and have a conversation with him. He sounds very interesting.
He does sound very interesting; too bad he died in 96. I wonder if his family is still living in Fairbanks.

i like going to places where i will see good looking women
Careful... there may be good looking women on MeFi who live in Alaska.
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These pictures are absolutely beautiful. This is what MeFi is all about. A perfect post, my thanks to you hortense.
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