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"To Fly is Everything" - A museum of early aeroplane history. Includes galleries of movies of aviation pioneers (watch an early flight from Wilbur Wright's point of view), and links to early aviation patents.
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Also: Footage of a 1911 Wright Model B Flyer taken on its last flight, in 1934.
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Watching the flight from Wilbur's point of view, the heart beats faster, even though by today's standards, it's not much of a flight. Another good part on this site is the story of how the Wright brothers and their contemporaries went about inventing powered flight -- a story subtitled "A Puritan Fairy Tale." The history is given with a strong point of view, and is well worth reading (good pictures there, too.)
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It's always startled me to realize that the 12-second first flight of the Wright Brothers covered a distance of 120 feet ... while the length of the Airbus A380 (first flight coming up in a couple of months) is almost exactly twice as far at 239 feet, 6 inches.

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Very nice find, carter ... you always post interesting things. I vote for more carter posts ;-)
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Back at ya, mjjj!
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Very neat and I'm not even particularly into to aviation stuff. This is what's so cool about Mefi. And woohoo for the mefi contacts thingy or I would have missed this. Thanks, carter!
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