Eye of the Tiger
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Eye of the Tiger [flash movie]
posted by scarabic (21 comments total)
I was certainly quick, but I hope the death was painless, as well.
posted by pmbuko at 4:47 PM on January 5, 2005

Rumor has it: Six Apart Fark is buying Live Journal MetaFilter.
posted by Smart Dalek at 4:51 PM on January 5, 2005

You know, I really liked this. It was quirky and funny and just what I needed after another day at a crappy job. Thanks Scarabic.
posted by Ignition at 5:08 PM on January 5, 2005

Es forbiddenisimo.
posted by billysumday at 5:09 PM on January 5, 2005

this was the first song I ever karaoke'd with.
posted by joe_murphy at 5:19 PM on January 5, 2005

saw this a coupla days ago on waxy, laughed my ass off, and promptly showed all my friends.
posted by buriednexttoyou at 5:24 PM on January 5, 2005

Synopsis: LOOK AT ME!!! I'm crazy! I piss pople off and film it and you want to wach! No, really, guys, pay attention to ME!

Highlight: The guy in the white shirt who chases him after having his McDonald's drink stolen. I'll bet this schmuck (the one making the video) never thought that he'd actually have to answer for it.
posted by thedevildancedlightly at 6:24 PM on January 5, 2005

ahhahahah ROCK 'N' LOL
posted by rxrfrx at 7:09 PM on January 5, 2005

You should watch your vitriol intake, thedevil.

You're running at 2/5 for the day, and the night is young.
posted by The White Hat at 7:27 PM on January 5, 2005

I don't have permission to access /v_d_o/lecteur.swf on this server, evidently.
posted by Faint of Butt at 8:01 PM on January 5, 2005

longest #mefi to fpp delay ever.
posted by adampsyche at 8:14 PM on January 5, 2005

White Hat - what would I get if I went for a perfect score?

Sorry to all who have been offended, just a spate of things that came across through the wrong filter. Will adjust attitude, re-visit tomorrow.
posted by thedevildancedlightly at 8:42 PM on January 5, 2005

how conspicuous do you think the filmmaker was during this? it doesn't seem like he's hiding from the activity, which makes me want to think he's cleared a few of the scenes beforehand (does anyone look at the camera?).

i mean, when he goes back to punch the hanging meat (wow, that reads odd) the guy at the counter doesn't look up at the guy obviously filming him?

posted by NationalKato at 8:52 PM on January 5, 2005

The fact that no one ever notices the camera makes me think that most of the scenes were setup.
posted by Tenuki at 9:20 PM on January 5, 2005

Fark! #mefi! broken link! Man, this post sucks!

Sorry for the extreme lameness, yo. Just trying to bring a little smile to y'all's faces.
posted by scarabic at 9:30 PM on January 5, 2005

no, scarabic. i smiled and even laughed at the first 'water-grab' scene. but i still think several scenes are staged.
posted by NationalKato at 11:24 PM on January 5, 2005

I quit enjoyed it.
posted by furtive at 7:14 AM on January 6, 2005

me fail english?
posted by furtive at 7:14 AM on January 6, 2005

You made me momentarily forget why I hate America, damn you.
posted by squirrel at 7:46 AM on January 6, 2005

It was a French film, squirrel...
posted by five fresh fish at 10:20 AM on January 6, 2005

posted by squirrel at 9:26 PM on January 6, 2005

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