Curious George Escapes the Nazis
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Curious George Escapes the Nazis. A true story from a neat little exhibit about the life and work of H.A. and Margret Rey, German Jews who fled Paris on bicycle (with the unpublished Curious George manuscript as one of their few possessions) hours before the Nazis arrived. Lots of info, including Curious George's first appearance, Hans' famous book on astronomy, notes on the couple's lesser-known work and more.
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The Houghton Mifflin bio page has some cool details. And Will Ferrell's signed up to do the voice of the Man in the Yellow Hat in the animated movie.
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[this is good]

Curious George is my sweetheart's favorite book from his childhood. I can't wait to share this link with him. Thanks!
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The Stars is one of my favorite nonfiction books. Cool post, thanks.
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no WAY. This is fabulous; thanks so much.
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Another shoutout for The Stars. And I'd love to see more of that Tit for Tat book. Looks like a fascinating and apparently quite humorous study of cognitive dissonance.
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no WAY.

Ha. I know how you feel, and love the fact that they made the bicycles out of spare parts. Btw, if you want to dig into the collection like soyjoy just did, start here and choose one of the sections under "Container Listing" (try "Literary" and "Personal"). The lists take a few minutes to load, and only a relatively few items have a "View on line" option, but you can still find things like cards, illustrations, letters and pages from relatively unknown books.
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I'd been aware of The Stars for years, but hadn't realized it was by the CG author. However, as soon as I saw "famous book on astronomy" above, I knew it was The Stars.

Whenever I think of CG, I recall when, years ago, David Letterman did a segment on "Least Popular Children's Books". One was Curious George and the Electric Fence.
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good find, best of the web indeed.
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I am that little monkey, in human form.
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This is really really good!

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Arrrgh! I was seriously gonna make this a FFP since I love bikes and Curious George, and the story of the Rey's is fantastic.
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