Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee damn it crashed.
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CoasterSims.com. Just because nature is full of icy death outside doesn't mean you can't sit in your computer chair and scream like a damn fool on a roller coaster.
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I started playing with Coaster Sims way back when the first Disney Coaster software came out. Now they have props and all sorts of crap. Sure, there's roller coaster tycoon, but I don't really care about managing the park, I just want to see how much velocity and drop it takes to strip the skin off of people's faces.
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I loved Disney's Coaster.
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I've been using NoLimits for some time now, and it's a great little program, well worth the registration cost if you're into coasters. However, I stink at design, so I've never been particularly great at building my own. Downloading others' designs via sites like coastersims, though, can be great fun.
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