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The library search often times out: be persistent. Restricted documents are marked with a red padlock icon, so unless a kind squaddie uploads a login to Bugmenot, we may never know how to maintain an M60 machine gun. And finally, this is my first post. You may fire at will.
posted by Ritchie at 5:58 AM on January 15, 2005

It's an excellent post, although I resent using up my whole Saturday looking at it.
posted by Heatwole at 6:49 AM on January 15, 2005

Hmm. 56% and 67% in the MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) practical tests. Not so good.
The MOUT stuff, at least, looks old, since they talk about Soviet doctrine.
There's an interesting article in The New Yorker about how soldiers are passing along their knowledge these days.
posted by atchafalaya at 6:59 AM on January 15, 2005

posted by absalom at 8:18 AM on January 15, 2005

Great! World domination is mine!
posted by LarryC at 8:50 AM on January 15, 2005

I'm not really inclined to upload my password to bugmenot, though I am a DoD civilian. I'm guessing that anyone who wants to see the red padlock items would need to be at a .mil address or other approved site anyway.
posted by fixedgear at 11:01 AM on January 15, 2005

It's alright fixedgear: I imagine publicizing your login is frowned upon in the DoD, so it was said purely in jest.
posted by Ritchie at 2:38 PM on January 15, 2005

And courtesy of the Federation of American Scientists' Secrecy Project, here's a copy of the Army's new Interim Field Manual on Counterinsurgency Operations.
posted by enrevanche at 12:36 AM on January 16, 2005

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