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The biology of B-movie monsters ; ancient Greek curse and love magic; the correspondence of Elizabeth I and James VI; Egil Skallagrimsson, poet and killer; the mythology of Harry Potter; Pinocchio's cultural heirs; Tiananmen's legacy; experimental art in China; the question of Hatshepshut's character. Articles courtesy of the Fathom Archive, 2000-2003.
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Gee whiz, plep - couldn't you try to come up with a little content every once in a while? :)

Nah, really I kiss you! I've read two of these so far, and they've were fascinating (I'm on Pinocchio now, which I love). Also, though maybe it wouldn't ordinarily be the very first article that I would go to, the experimental art in China link was particularly helpful to me, as I've sort of been following recent trends from there, and the pithy definition of "Experimental" here was was a nice bit of explanation to help me understand more clearly the works I've been seeing — sort of a critical piece of the puzzle. This is a lovely post, boyo.

Also, favorite quote so far: "Curses don't kill people, people kill people."
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a heavenly cornucopia of diverse wonders: as always, tip o' the hat to mefi's poster-emeritus, the plep.
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The correspondence of Elizabeth and James is alone worth the price of admission! These are great links that will take me through the rest of the morning. Many thanks!
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what they said. : >
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yay - a plep plethora!
Thanks for the cool weekend reading matter, plep!
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Wow, this is terrific! Thank you plep!
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saturday is sorted, thanks plep, great links.
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Thanks for a treasure trove!
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goddamn you, plep...so much on my to-do list today and you have to drop this in my lap...
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Great links, plep!!!!! Especially the first one: the issue of scaling in movie monsters alone has bothered me no end.
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Another ace post.
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