Internet To Be Bigger Than TV - UCLA Report
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Internet To Be Bigger Than TV - UCLA Report "For the first time in the history of television, TV usage by children under 14 declined," recalled Cole. "Kids finally found something that was more interesting than TV. It was an epiphany moment for me." Download the report here.
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I've seen Jeffrey Cole speak about this project at UCLA, and remembered some intersting things (like the demographic makeup of new internet users this year vs. years ago). I hope those made it into the report as well.

Oh, here it is, at last year's 30th internet anniversary, he spoke on a panel with John Perry Barlow and Alan Kay, among others, and alluded to things they had found in the initial part of the study.
posted by mathowie at 4:10 PM on October 25, 2000

People spend more time on the computer than mouth-breathing while staring at an idiot box? What are they smoking?
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I have yet to plug in the teevee my friend gave me. The internet has all the information and entertainment I can deal with between paying gigs.
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The total audience which regularly watches the major networks has been in monotonic decline for thirty years. The combination of specialized cable channels, the introduction of video game consoles and now the internet have been stealing audience from them for a long time.

Network audience numbers actually peaked sometime in the early 1970's.
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These kids obviously haven't gotten their TiVos yet.
posted by daveadams at 8:50 AM on October 26, 2000

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