Spaghetti Rambo
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"Thunder Warrior." In the 1980s, the Italian movie industry -- better-known for "spaghetti" reimaginings of Westerns, crime movies , and "After the Bomb" flicks -- also gave us the Rambo rip-offs "Thunder Warrior" and "Thunder Warrior 2." Only instead of a Vietnam veteran, the hero was a Navajo warrior battling anti-Indian prejudice. (Windows Media File; possibly NSFW) Via.
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"That's Thunder rolling in...and I don't think there will be any shelter from THIS storm..."

Classy stuff. Can't wait to see the sequel.
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They also gave the world "Mad Max" (or "Road Warrior" for the USAians) rip-offs.

Behold the wonder that is "Exterminators Of The Year 3000"!

Only memorable for the classic line "Once more unto the breach, you mothergrabbers, let's purloin that water!"
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See also: the Billy Jack series of movies from the 70's.
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Except that Billy Jack is good, in its own dated way. He fights for what's right, dude, but only when The Man forces his hand, 'cuz he struggles to make love not war. Not the best-executed movie ever, but they meant that shit.
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Wow, it's bad enough I already own these films. Also see The Eliminators for more B action explosiveness. I mean, the guy is half tank. How can that be anything short of amazing.

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GodDAMN, I love expolitation films!
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I also love exploitation films.
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