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Today's Music Tomorrow. "For the Finest "Cutting Edge" of Sound Transcendence Technology with Deluxe Dynamic Psychedelic Engineering for full phase Alpha States of Ultra Conscious Realization Imagery, in practical down to earth realistic simplistic easy to percptualize [sic] musical terms." And of course: "...born with a genius level I.Q., Vegetarian Vegan..., Astrologer, Artist, Writer, Health Expert, Hetero..." In particular check out the mp3s of the drum tracks. (Though maybe that U2 song does sound a little better.)
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born with a genius level IQ....

I didn't know they could test children that young.
posted by alumshubby at 4:30 AM on January 19, 2005

I was once at a school for the Mentally Retarded for a few hours, and one of the students asked me to guess how many marbles he had in his pocket, and because I could not guess correctly, he called me "STUPID", and he and the others ranted and raved and danced around over how "STUPID" I was (goes to show what they go thru, a reflection of how society has treated them, and they are greatly outnumbered too, so its even tougher on them, please do support the mentally challenged, and please do also allow a high IQ person like myself a reasonable job, the results being, better long term procedures and better results on a deeper level, not just the shinny surface of things)

Resume should include "nurses a grudge..."
posted by FormlessOne at 6:11 AM on January 19, 2005

Wow. I wanna rock w/this guy although I'm sure I would feel somewhat incompetent. I mean, geeze, the dude totally rocks.
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This is awesome! Only 3 comments? Come on, people! Show the love!
posted by fungible at 7:29 AM on January 19, 2005

Wow. I haven't dared listen to the music yet, but this guy is the new Time Cube.

Start here with his mile-long description of his amazingly high IQ, then try the science page, and if you're not insane yet there's a whole lot more.

And then there's this...

FACT: Human Beings "Resonate" at F#
Violet is the same as F#, but many octaves higher than F#

Human Beings are Aquarian (IC)

If you take the musical note "A" natural, which orchestras tune to, it is 440 cycles per second, an octave lower is 220 cps, and an octave higher is 880 cps, but they are all "A"s. You can double the frequency over and over, and will eventually get to the light wave frequency of Red-Orange. I hypothesized this at first due to many reasons, and proved it later with a calculator.

posted by mmoncur at 10:26 AM on January 19, 2005

I loved this.....although that was when I still thought it was a superbly detailed put-on. But now I don't think it is, so it just scares me. Still, good find!
posted by Jon Mitchell at 11:21 AM on January 19, 2005

Re: Long Term Problems with the Middle East & Proper Solutions
POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS: Airlift/Airdrop Playboy Magazines & Other Propaganda, as well as any TV or Radio propaganda which can reach the Middle East people, with suggestions towards SEXUAL FREEDOM & LIBERATION as well as SAFE SEX.

I can imagine the Iranians reactions as they wake to see pr0n and condoms raining from the sky.

Where do you find this stuff?
posted by Jack Karaoke at 12:43 PM on January 19, 2005

woot, all his music are in midi format, because midi is QUALITY.
posted by EvilKenji at 1:50 PM on January 19, 2005

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