Napoleonic Literature
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Napoleonic Literature : A good repository of information and e-books on Napoleonic warfare. I found the article on rockets to be very interesting. Enjoy!
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What about the use of magic in Napoleonic warfare?
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Cool. This one is pretty good so far, esp. the part on Things To Watch Out For When You First Sign Up.

The fiction portion hasn't been updated in awhile (it puts the latest Sharpe book at being published in '98 when there was a new one last year).
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Thank You!
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This is my idea of the perfect mefi post. Seriously, this stuff is great.
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wow. i really really really wish you had posted this a couple of weeks ago. now if you'll excuse me, i have to go do wallow in organic chemistry and dreams of reading this rich find.
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Add to bookmarks, thanks very much.
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