In Soviet Russia, lake circumvents you!
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A golden buckle on the steel girdle of Russia : Completed in 1905 and considered to be among the major masterpieces of Russian engineering, the Circum-Baikal Railway offers Trans-Siberian Rail passengers breathtaking views of the world's oldest lake and its rugged surroundings. Over only 72 kilometers, the railway's designers had to construct 200 bridges and viaducts and 33 tunnels to navigate the terrain.
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And, for those of you who dig the motion of a train, a quick video of Circum-Baikal travel.
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Thank you for this. I've always wanted to hike along side these rails, but it might not happen. This consoles me a bit.
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Great set of links, nice post.
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Fantastic post!
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I've been planning a trip for a few years to take the trans-siberian railway across Russia, and this just makes me want to go even more.

Them's some beautiful pictures.
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The most unique animal at Baikal is the freshwater seal Phoca siberica, known as the nerpa, which is also the only mammal which inhabits the lake.

Who knew? (Pictures of the nerpa and more, incidentally, here.)

Great post.
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More amazing info on Lake Baikal. It's the biggest (in volume) lake in the world, and getting bigger.
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Love the pictures, thanks!
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"Sharyzhalgay 2" tunnel, 133 km. There is an enigmatic sign on the eastern portal of this tunnel: three long stripes crossed by short one. It meaning is indefinite (MK).

A cross (the trinity, or the three crucifixions, or both). "Thank God we are alive to thank God we have finished this tunnel. May it last forever."
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great post, sellout, thanks! it will be eight years this spring since i visited baikal, and we happened to be there when comet Hale-Bopp was passing by the earth. i've never seen a more brilliant night sky. there's barely a single light out there to interfere with stargazing. i've wanted to go back ever since.
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Great post -- thanks, sellout!
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