pimpin(the third world) ain't easy
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U.N. Oil for Food Program. Former Bob Dole running mate, Jack Kemp was recently "quizzed" by the FBI about his involvement in the scandal.
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where's the outrage?

Bob Dole 1996
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That's an awesome photo...

I really need to get something absurd like that for the media to show during MY perp walk..

Don't worry, you'll get yours, too..

That said, does this mean that Cheney might be involved, even when he was "rebuffed" at said meeting?

Oh man!! That'd be cool to link them to one of their own outrages...
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Yeah, the libshit press, who's been ignoring the UN scam like the plague, will hop on it like a fly on shit if they get one measly US Conservative tool to tie in to it.

And so will most of you shuttered fools.
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Dear pottymouth,

It's a man bites dog story if a conservatinkle is implicated. Everything about Iraq belongs to conservatinkles now, not the libshits.
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If someone was bitching about how the boat has a bunch of leaks and demands the captain return to port, it seriously casts an interesting light on his story when someone finds out he was punching holes in the hull all morning. That's why it's news.
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