Have yourself a G.G Allin Christmas
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Have yourself a G.G Allin Christmas and if you don't know who he is/was, have a look here. I thank you. (Contains naughty words.)
posted by Jofus (5 comments total)
G.G was a pig, and I was quite pleased when I heard he died. I used to work the door at a club he played occasionally. There was always stupid trouble whenever he was around, and after his onstage suicide date past I began to worry he was gonna do it one night and try to take others with him.
He smelled bad. The only joy I ever got from his miserable life was laughing at the joke about how he lost his teeth in prison,and only the first time I heard it. The only enduring thing that is even tangently interesting to me is the zany Lisa Carver, who never relied on Allin very much anyway.
I am stupefied that he has any fans at this point, much less ones who would spend that kind of money.
posted by thirteen at 1:55 PM on October 26, 2000

Shouldn't be shocked really thirteen...after all, you can also go to a shopping mall and buy Anarchy patches. Why not make money of another dead guy?

A friend of mine saw him play a long time ago...but only because the show was free and it was cold outside.
posted by th3ph17 at 8:34 PM on October 26, 2000

This is Rocktribe Humour Control. We apologise for anyone experiencing a sense of humour failure over our recent GG Allin Doll.

Rocktribe.com would like to point out that we will not attempt to be funny ever again.

Yes. It was a joke. Well done everybody.

Joey Rocktribe
posted by Jofus at 1:50 AM on October 27, 2000

Ohhh, a joke.
Of course now you get smacked down for self linking.
I should have looked at the picture better, I thought it was porcelain or something that could almost justify the cost. You got me and I am genuinely embarrassed. You a G.G. fan Jofus?
posted by thirteen at 7:43 AM on October 27, 2000

Hard to say. I'm trying to think now whether we did it to say "Look at us, we know who GG Allin is." or whether we did it out of a genuine feeling of disgust at Alice Cooper/Britney Spears dolls.

Probably a bit of both. I can't really get a handle on what I think of GG Allin. He may very well be a genuine "artist,"
but I don't think that you can stick a microphone up your own ass without having your tongue, at least partially, in your cheek somewhere.

And *now* smack me down for self linking. Actually, I did it purely to piss off the suits at Rocktribe who think they know good content. I'm already in a bit of trouble over it so, in a small, tiny weeny way, I'm experiening what GG went through every night on stage.

Except I don't have a Telefunken U47 clenched between my buttocks...


Joey Rocktribe

posted by Jofus at 3:24 AM on October 30, 2000

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