Can somebody tell me if this is for real?
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Can somebody tell me if this is for real? --Gore sought help from anti-homosexual group 'God hates fags' creator preaches 'hate because the Bible preaches hate'--
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It was 12+ years ago, but the photos look real to me. Freaky.
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Politicians do grip and grin photos with thousands of people. The only source for this story is the God Hates Fags people, who would say and do anything for publicity. I think this one deserves to be filed along with the Bush abortion story that Larry Flynt and Matt Drudge are peddling -- unproven smears that don't mean anything unless a reputable source does some legwork and reports them.
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Yet more proof that Gore will do and say anything to get elected. Does he hate 'fags'?
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I heard that Gore will not accept a dinner invitation to a gay couples house if they have cats or dogs. If they are petless, I don't think he would have a problem with that.
posted by DragonBoy at 10:40 AM on October 26, 2000 does not seem to be working. I'm with rcade on this one.
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World Net News Daily is a conservative news source: their stories are often of the "what-if" or "person X in proximity to dubious person Y" variety, with liberal, leftist and pro-Israel individuals or groups as the targets. They also usually fall short of the simple journalistic rule of multiple sources.

This story is designed to upset Gore supporters, while at the same time speak to the anti-gay conservatives: "Gore has begun to court support from openly homosexual and lesbian activist groups, which has caused friction with his one-time anti-homosexual supporters."

My take here is that not only is rcade right, but hadley's "is this for real?" head on the Metafilter entry sounds exactly like "Z is not a fag" graffiti which, although nobody ever accused Z of being a homosexual in the first place, immediately makes passersby consider the issue, without information, substantiation or opportunity for denial.

I've shaken the hands of or met Al Gore, George Bush, Bob Dole and Mario Cuomo: if I had had pictures taken with them, too, would that make me a supporter?
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Well, I don't know if Gore asking for their support is true or not. And I'm not sure when they started doing this, but that church in Topeka has become notorious for doing "God Hates Fags" demonstrations esp. re. Disney's corporate policies. So at least that part is real.

But perhaps the church hadn't come out with that fantastic slogan when Gore asked for their support? I mean, it would be a great coup for a Democrat to get the support of some influential Baptists!
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I think you're all missing the real issue: God Hates FIGS.

How does Gore feel about figs?
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Ex-squeeze me?! Influential Baptists? Fred and his tiny band are anything but. His "congregation" consists primarily of his immediate family and a few hangers-on; he is almost uniformly reviled by the faith community in his hometown of Topeka and around the world and was, even in 1988, when any alleged and highly dubious alliance with Gore would have been made.

If he exerts any influence at all, it is in his ability to draw media and subsequent public attention to himself, most of it negative. These days, however, even that power is escaping him as his shock tactics become passe and "God Hates Fags" becomes a quaint shorthand for freakish intolerance and utterly misguided scriptural interpretation.

For a while in the early 90s, Fred was sending FAXes to every media outlet he could find in the state, proclaiming me the "most dangerous sodomite in Missouri." If he sold t-shirts, I might actually have bought one of those.

Influential? Nah. Just a pissant primative Baptist with a bullhorn.
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well, you're the most dangerous sodomite *I* know, brad. ;)

(is that really true, or are you pulling our legs?)

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Er, well, obviously Brad would know more about Phelps than I. He used to get a lot of attention round these parts, though. Mostly shock value that's long gone now.
posted by daveadams at 1:19 PM on October 26, 2000

When I first came across (sometime in late 97 or 98), I couldn't believe it was real (listen to the .wavs on the site and you might have trouble believing it too).

And there were FAQ answers like this one:
Are you a repressed homosexual?

No. Are you a repressed hatemonger? :)

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ROFL!!!!!!! That is such a smart ass comment that you posted above. I can't believe they said that on their site. hahahaha! I shouldn't laugh but I can't help it.

I've seen Fred Phelps and his people since I live in Kansas and used to go to Topeka often. My mom used to always give them the finger. ;-)
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