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Dogblog - Jon Sung takes us on a magical journey through San Francisco, and its many fluffy dogs.
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Nice dogs...I used to tie our beloved mutt Nellie to a pole while picking up the paper, until some jerk untied her and must have kicked her, because she took off like the proverbial bat out of hell...thank God I got hold of her before she ran into the street...don't tie her up and go in a store anymore.

Thanks, Simon!, nice post.
posted by 1016 at 8:08 AM on January 23, 2005

I approve of this post. Highly approve.
Tag that under "manyfluffydogs", and let's get that tag growing.
posted by Wolfdog at 8:13 AM on January 23, 2005

I had a very similiar idea for my blog. One day while taking my daily walk, I brought my digital camera to capture many of the pets I regularily talk about like Lucky, the great escaping chow; the six mischievious kittens; and White Dog on the Corner

But as soon as I whipped the camera out, all the animals hid in terror. Even White Dog on the Corner --normally a snarling beast who won't let anybody walk on "his" sidewalk-- retreated to the porch. He looks so harmless.
posted by Secret Life of Gravy at 9:24 AM on January 23, 2005

Nice post. Another great way to see pictures of dogs: Flickr Dogs
posted by Ardbeg at 9:55 AM on January 23, 2005

What am I doing here? I'm not tied to anything. How did I get here? Did someone poop me out?
posted by euphorb at 10:02 AM on January 23, 2005

*squats, wags tail, happy-pees on carpet*
posted by driveler at 10:11 AM on January 23, 2005

I feel like drving to the city right now and tying my dog up in the Haight or Castro in the off-chance that she'll be captured by this genius blogger.
posted by pmbuko at 10:20 AM on January 23, 2005

Dogs are so cool. What a great blog.
posted by 327.ca at 10:52 AM on January 23, 2005

My slogan, and I should put it on a t-shirt someday:

99% of all dogs are better than 99% of all people, and 1% of my dog is better than everybody else.

I know it doesn't exactly (or at all) parse, but it gets across the way I feel.
posted by 1016 at 11:32 AM on January 23, 2005

Jon is one of the coolest guys I've ever had the pleasure of hanging with.

It's a pity that I live 8 hours north of him. :(
posted by woil at 12:53 PM on January 23, 2005

Jon Sung takes us on a magical journey through ... many fluffy dogs"

Anybody else read that and wonder if "through" modified "dogs"? Now that would be a blog!
posted by thedevildancedlightly at 2:23 PM on January 23, 2005

I really, really enjoyed this link. It brightened up an otherwise wretched Sunday in a wretched week. Thank you.
posted by Savannah at 7:57 PM on January 23, 2005

Airedales! : )

LOVE this post. Dog pictures are always welcome. : )
posted by SisterHavana at 8:12 AM on January 24, 2005


posted by nanojath at 9:25 PM on February 22, 2005

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