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Old Wood Working Machines. Covering only North American manufactures, the OWWM website (referred to as the mothership) has 1160 scans of manuals, flyers, catalogs, and sales literature dating back over 100 years. The FAQ is extensive and has exploded spinning off many pertinent articles. OWWM also has almost 2200 user submitted, machinery profiles showing machines as found and/or restored. One of the highlights is a write up on what appears to be the very first (PDF) Delta Unisaw which was built before WWII and aside from mostly cosmetic changes is still built today.
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Oh, and here I thought we were going to read about old woodworking machines made of wood. ;-)
posted by 327.ca at 8:51 AM on January 24, 2005

Very cool :)
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Thanks for posting this link. I've got a shop set up with 1930's vintage Delta tools that I got at a local estate sale. I've needed a site like this for reference. The bandsaw, sander, radial arm saw, lathe and grinder all came with the original sales brochures and the price tags that were on them when they were sold. Now that you've shown us this site I can scan and share the info with others who might be interested.
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Cool. Some of this stuff is downright cute while others look like they could eat you alive.
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great site. reminds me of all the tools and machines my grandfather had in his shop before he died. as a neophyte woodworker, I wish I had some of those tools today.
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X4ster I'm sure they would like to receive any pictures or scans you can provide. Pre 1940 stuff is especially sought after and it sounds like you have a historical goldmine as all your machines date from the same era. This is one of those cases where the sum is greater than the parts.

transient somewhere on the site is a sales brochure for a company that made jointers in 12-36" sizes. The 36" was power fed however a 24" model could be had either power or hand fed. I'd hate to meet the guy who could hand feed that monster in a dark alley.
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This rocks! I have a garage full of my grandfather's old woodworking machinery, and now I can get 'em back in shape. Thanks, Mitheral!
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Contact me and I'll send you a scan of the 1930 Delta catalog's cover and a pict of the tools. Also got a Stanley #212 plane with the other tools.
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Well ain't that a rare beasty though it must be at least a little useful as Lie-Nielson is making a reproduction (as opposed to rare but worthless like say those aluminum bench planes). My email is in your email I'd love to see some tool porn.
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If I showed my Dad this he might finally succumb to the lure of the internet...
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