Alternative power sources
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It's not the other white meat, but it seems cows have yet another use.

"That's some good shit, man (in my very best Tommy Chong!)."
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Bears a lot of resemblance to this chickenshit idea that east coast poultry producers have been touting for several years.
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It looks like my state is standing on a very smelly gold mine.
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Pigs in Illinois have been getting in on the act as well.
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crap post.
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Aunty Entity: We call it Underworld. That's where Bartertown gets its energy.

Mad Max: What, oil? Natural gas?

Aunty Entity: Pigs.

Mad Max: You mean pigs like those? Bullshit!

Aunty Entity: No. Pig shit.

Mad Max: What?!

The Collector: Pig shit. The lights, the motors, the vehicles, all run by a high-powered gas called methane. And methane cometh from pig shit.

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L.John Fry was a pioneer in this technology .His 1974 book
Practical building of methane power plants for rural energy
independence, was the first of its kind .(he used pig shit to power his farm in South Africa)
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here is an interview with L.John Fry
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I love this shit, and I am in love with Johns youngest daughter!
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So these cows, they... generate?
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I have an endless supply of chicken shit. Am willing to ship for $25/quart, plus shipping costs, if anyone wants to start their own backyard generator.

Also suitable for anchoring anti-bush flags.
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Somewhere, Bill Hicks is having a chuckle at yet another anti-Bush, pro-cowshit message.
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hey, that's my power company! Anything that gets us out from under the horrible thumb of Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant is fine with me.
posted by jessamyn at 7:54 PM on January 24, 2005

I worked on a farm that had one of these things, though it was a bit lower tech (basically a metal drum over a concrete cesspool) and it was off the grid.

They really are amazing devices - the farm's proprietors had a gas stove that used the stuff. I ate many meals cooked on that stove. And, once the gas runs out (it takes a while) you can syphon out the slurry, and use it pretty much right away as fertilizer.

The amazing part is that the device almost completely eliminated the manure smell on the farm. It's good for the air quality, good for your utility bill, good for the soil. It's one of those rare inventions that does many things, does them well, and does them cheaply. You just have to be OK with shoveling shit.
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I can't come up with shit on this one.
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