When they met, it was Murderball
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Anyone up for a quick game of Murderball?
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quadriplegic rugby players who create Mad Max-inspired wheelchairs and slam them into each with such force and speed that NASCAR fans would cringe.

Worst movie plug ever...just kidding. The movie plot reads way out there tho.
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I think I can probably pass on this one...what else you got?
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How can they hold a ball if they are quadriplegic? Strikes me that the author means paraplegic.
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Anything to bring the "Mad Max" look closer to mainstream is fine by me...

I have a Crown Vic that is just dying for a steel grate over the windshield, and blades on the bumper.
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More on quad rugby central, including video.
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You link me to a blog movie review? Seriously, man. Could have been executed better. More in-FPP links on this sport would have been lovely. Why the hell should I have to google for it when you are the one presenting?
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I think they're stretching the definition of quadriplegic a bit. Google says paralyzed in both arms and legs. All these men seem to have very good use of their upper body.
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They may not be stretching the definition of a 'quadriplegic', but our perceptions of what 'quadriplegia' is.

Here's how they define it, from the Introduction to Quad Rugby on Quad Rugby Central:

"Players must have a combination of upper and lower extremity impairment to be considered as eligible to participate. Most of the players have sustained cervical level spinal injuries and have some type of quadriplegia as a result. Players are given a classification number from one of seven classifications ranging from 0.5 - 3.5. The 0.5 player has the greatest impairment and is comparable to a C5 quadriplegic. Of those eligible to participate, the 3.5 player has the least impairment and is similar to a C7-8 incomplete quadriplegic."

So, as I understand it, you merely have to have extremity impairment in all four limbs to be considered a 'quadriplegic', not be completely immobile.
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Maxim also has an article about it. A friend of mine just saw this movie and said it was pretty incredible.
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I have played games of goalball that have felt like this. Blindfolded (sighted) athletes definitely have a disadvatage in Goalball and we always seemed to end up with the serious injuries.
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Who the hell won? That's all I want to know.
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"Many of the people—heck maybe most—you meet are in such emotional wheelchairs that they don’t have a tenth of the joy in their lives as these guys do." - enuff said
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ebert article (with photos)
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