Naked Washington
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Naked Washington. The Boy Scout Memorial statues in Washington, DC always struck me as a bit odd. Why is this kid leading a naked man? Or maybe, better, why is a naked man pursuing this kid? Maybe if the guy from Naked Washington gets his book sold, we will all know. Meanwhile, it's available on CD.
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Methinks the wrist on the adult male looks a bit limp.
posted by terrier319 at 9:08 AM on January 27, 2005

What can I say? We're a nekkid statue lovin' town. Gives all those kids something to look at while they're bored on educational field trips.

Never fear. Saner heads prevailed.
posted by beezy at 9:11 AM on January 27, 2005

Easily one of the worst memorials in Washington DC, and not just because of its odd composition. If Howdy Doody had heroically fought off a German platoon at Stalingrad, this is what his statue would have resembled. I don't think anyone tends to it either: it's a place of trash and dead leaves.
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It's called NAMBLA and it probably explains most of the head scratching.
posted by daq at 10:12 AM on January 27, 2005

This book deserves a publisher!

CafePress, Lulu.
posted by me3dia at 10:14 AM on January 27, 2005

Of course, there's also the "wardrobe malfunction" on the naked lady with the blindfold in front of the Supreme Court.

And - just thought I'd note that I have nothing to do with the owner of this site or his quest to have his book published. These days, it's important to declare conflicts of interest -- and lack of them.
posted by dances_with_sneetches at 10:27 AM on January 27, 2005

I wish all you bitches would get over the nudes. Geeesh you'd think we were born wearing galoshes.
posted by filchyboy at 5:41 PM on January 27, 2005

it really is very nambla--and doesn't quite send the message they were hoping, i don't think.
posted by amberglow at 5:47 PM on January 27, 2005

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