ET, Moan Home!
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Moan Home!
Jenna Jameson, further pushing into the mainstream and "coming" to a cellphone near you, is now going to sell her "moan tones" for $2.50 a pop.
Best bit of the article? "If you can get her to say my name then I would buy it. I need that kind of personal attention," said New Yorker Julian McCullough.
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What I'm not so clear on is why Latin American cell users get the moan tones for only a buck a pop?

But its nice that she'll talk dirty to you as well. Its the little touches that make it all that much more embarrassing.
posted by fenriq at 9:40 AM on January 27, 2005

Another weapon in my "switch ringtone to something really embarrassing before wife borrows cellphone" arsenal.
posted by pmbuko at 11:41 AM on January 27, 2005

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