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Wikipes is another application of wiki. Everybody go in, put in some of your favorite recipes, and cook dinner for your sweety. Thank me later.
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What would be really cool is if you could put the recipe in and have the cooked meal delivered to your door thirty minutes later.

But this is still a nice extension of the concept.
posted by fenriq at 2:22 PM on January 28, 2005

All hail the greatest thing the internet was ever devised for! oh MAN i thought the Honeywell Kitchen Computer was awesome. Now i don't need one; I've got Wikipes. Epicurious can suck it! (not really, I love epicurious...) I will be making this tonight.
posted by indiebass at 2:22 PM on January 28, 2005

indiebass, it's cold and raining here, perfect weather for some hot potato soup. Guess I'm crashing your dinner party tonight! By the way Epicurious rules.
posted by snsranch at 2:44 PM on January 28, 2005

Thank you later? Some people. Always want it their way.

Well, I choose to thank you now. Thank you, mychai.

posted by sillygit at 2:46 PM on January 28, 2005

Ok, I'm enticed now.

Who has a favorite recipe? Mine is spighetti aglio olio.
posted by snsranch at 2:53 PM on January 28, 2005

I'm still waiting for matt to finish SauteeMetaFilter.
posted by Smart Dalek at 3:28 PM on January 28, 2005

Thank you later? was that request for Kartooner?
posted by page404 at 3:48 PM on January 28, 2005

Sweet! I find it hard to believe someone didn't think of this before now. And I've put in my bit, so now all that's left to do is wait for the other Mefite foodies to do the same...

(...and hurry up about it, wouldja? I'm getting hungry over here.)
posted by Vervain at 3:56 PM on January 28, 2005

*'''Delete''', not notable. Again. ~~~~

It's a nice idea, but what's with the sudden publicity push?
posted by fvw at 4:05 PM on January 28, 2005

And you thought it was bad when I messed with the articles on Wikipedia. The potential for mischief is huge here.
posted by punishinglemur at 4:40 PM on January 28, 2005

I haven't even gotten through all the recipes on Cooking With Cum yet!
posted by etc. at 4:50 PM on January 28, 2005

This is probably the most dangerous use of wiki yet.
posted by Kleptophoria! at 5:43 PM on January 28, 2005

I said it before, and I'll say it again:

I'm not so sure the Wiki concept works with recipes. Defacing an entry is one thing, but if the site has one entry for, say, spaghetti sauce, the Wiki-way would be to alter that recipe as you see fit to make it more suited to your individual tastes instead of adding an entirely new recipe. But what I would want in a recipe database is many variations on spagahetti sauce to choose from, so why Wiki at all? Surely people aren't going to want their recipes tampered with.
posted by Robot Johnny at 8:48 PM on January 28, 2005

it was a self-link, I think

It was a self, just in a round about way. I've got proof if needed. The Wikipes is being pimped around a lot on google and it's a lot like the Mandy19c "those guys were total jerks to Ashelee Simpson!"

Sorry to be such a pooper. I know the guy (Kartooner) a la the net but self links are self links, a few weeks before he posted it here on Mefi, he was bragging to no end about how he'd developed and created Wikipes. When I confronted him about his self FPP he started saying he only did the logo. Then when I continued he said that he was just trying to help his friend out to gain some publicity and if that meant losing his account to mefi, so be it. So is Mefi here to "help your friend out with a hookup" or is Mefi here to post "best of the web?"

Even if my best friend was self linking, then I'd bust him on it too.

Technically, I can't say anything about this post here, but I still think it's an attempt to get "Wikipes" just some publicity rather than "Here is 'best of web'" (I think it's the difference between guerilla marketing and genuine sharing with an audience)
posted by Hands of Manos at 11:47 PM on January 28, 2005

oops, left one thing off.

I'm just trying to keep the integrity of Mefi and not turn this into "hook up land."

I think MY website is ultra cool. I've done a lot of hard work to it and think it would be great for everyone here to see. So you know what? I BOUGHT ad space on Mefi to show it to people. I would feel very dirty and sick if I was "trying to get my site 'th hookup' a la friend of a friend of a friend."
posted by Hands of Manos at 11:52 PM on January 28, 2005

crap, one more thing on the sly...

I don't have an ax to grind with Kartooner. He's an okay fellow...and I think wikipes is kind of cool but nothing to write home about...but I think that of most wiki things

posted by Hands of Manos at 12:15 AM on January 29, 2005

I was just saying to myself last week, "Self, a wiki for recipes would rock!". And here it is! In my excitement, I contributed 6 or 7 of my favorite things to eat. I'm so happy about wikipes.

I'm still waiting for matt to finish SauteeMetaFilter.

Sad but true: I actually clicked the link
posted by iwearredsocks at 9:17 PM on January 29, 2005

You may want to check out the the copyright policy on Wikipes before getting too excited about this site. It appears the site owners aren't allowing redistribution of content on the site. So, if you put a recipe up, someone edits it and makes an improvement you like, you've got a problem. The Wikipes folks effectively own the improved recipe.

The Wikibooks Cookbook seems to be providing the same general thing, only under a more equitable license for contributors.

posted by robla at 9:59 PM on January 30, 2005

Hmm, suspicious. I think there maybe more of an agenda here since this link has made an FPP twice (minus one removal) in the past week or so.
posted by Hands of Manos at 3:28 AM on January 31, 2005

Did they change it? It looks like a friendly CC license now.
posted by iwearredsocks at 8:21 AM on January 31, 2005

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