Getting inside Movie Fan's heads
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"Unsatisfactory movie viewing can only be attributed to human error." The Denver Post examines the way technology can help viewers find their next favorite movie.
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"It's scary," said Riedl, whose research group has proven that people can be manipulated into renting certain movies by showing them bogus approval ratings generated by a computer. Unscrupulous marketers can "shill" for products that make them a higher profit, he said. Movie studios could flood recommender sites with high ratings of their own movies.
Shit. I hope marketers don't start gaming audioscrobbler.
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What about music, hmm?
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to an obscure personality tester called What

And here I thought the industry was afraid of torent sites.

they have extracted the odd truth that if you liked the slacker-grunge classic "Trainspotting," you might like the saccharine yuppiefest that is "You've Got Mail."

Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a girlfriend. Choose a movie theater. Choose a soothing refreshment. Choose a seat off to the side, in the back.
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I still place a lot of faith in movielens. Whattorrent sounds silly, and also appears to be down.
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Netflix is usually eerily accurate with their predicted ratings.
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Dhartung: What?
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I used MovieLens and I found it rather unhelpful.. I specifically refrained from rating some movies I have seen just to see whether its judgement of my seen movies would reflect my own. And half of the time it didn't - I remember seeing high recommendations for movies I would rate very lowly and the other way around.
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andendau- Dhartung is skillfully quoting the main character from Trainspotting.
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If by quoting I mean paraphrasing, that is.
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Whattorrent - trying for a clever name, I guess.
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Movielens is absolutely brilliant, not just for functionality but also for it's absolutely perfect user interface, a rare pleasure. Thanks for the link!
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Kirkaracha, beware: I remember reading that the suggestion system on Netflix is skewered toward the distributors that give them the best prices on their DVDs.
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all my "movie soul mates" are in Spain. Odd.
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From the site:

Please be patient. People from over 100 countries have registered in filmaffinity, most of them because of the 'word of mouth'. But in Spain the most important newspapers and magazines have published reports about our site. This is the reason why more spaniards have registered so far. PLEASE HELP US SPREAD THIS SITE WORLDWIDE!
On April 2004 FilmAffinity was choosen as one of the best 100 undiscovered websites by the prestigious US PC MAGAZINE. Thank you ALL!
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I linked What to Rent here a while ago. Their site is my favorite of the ones mentioned in the article. Their approach is a little diff than collaborative filtering and uses your mood to choose movies. I've always though collaborative filtering was just a fancy way to say- "stereotyping algorithm". Firefly did that years ago and has since gone south.
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the suggestion system on Netflix is skewered

Yeah, I heard a comedian talking about it just the other day.
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