Tickets, please.
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TV Tickets! A great gallery of tickets to TV show tapings, some going back to the 1950s. Includes some fascinating commentary by Mark Evanier.
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The old ones are the most interesting--from sponsors to taglines, it's a different world. A couple of them say "In Color" -- I always assumed tapings were in color, the black and white was caused by the cameras/film. Shows what I know. Guess actors really were grayscale, back in the day.
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Mark Evanier of 'Garfield and Friends' and 'Groo'? I used to chat with him long ago on the old CompuServe message boards. A really funny guy. I wonder what he's up to now?
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Damn, that whole site is unbelievable. Hours worth of pop culture. And they link to the website of Sergio Aragon├ęs. Mark is indeed an interesting, passionate man. I wish I'd never seen this while at work. This is my kind of candy.

On preview: painquale, explore the rest of the site.
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Beautiful. If I ever get out to Hollywood to see The Price Is Right (while Bob Barker is still alive, mind you) I swear I will have that ticket laminated onto my car. Or something. How much do tattoos hurt?

The tickets to see tapings of Soap make me teary-eyed with jealousy of the folks who held them.
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He has a very nice blog, too.

I am losing time here.
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I first encountered "ME" from his helpful and knowledgable posts at the TVBarn discussion group.

For anyone skeptical of how interesting it can be to look at old admission tickets: it's the stories he tells about each show, the stars, the studio, etc.

Set aside some time, though; there are 36 pages of tickets. And then you'll start exploring the rest of his site and ...
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Also would've killed to see Soap...

Season 3 will have to calm my woes.
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