A different kind of physics journal
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Quantum Diaries - follow physicists from around the world as they experience the World Year of Physics 2005.
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it's great to see the faces behind the work... and their lives. "behind every quark there's an even stranger quark!"
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For those who interpret the FPP as meaning "Here's where you can find a lot of physics that you'd never understand, being discussed" - that's not what the blogs are about at all.

It's actually a pretty good site to read about life as a graduate student in Southern California, or a faculty member interviewing faculty candidates and preparing to give talks at a conference, or someone near 40 who is also the public outreach coordinator for a Canadian national laboratory.

In short, this is a great site for someone (high school or college age in particular) who wants to know what it's like to be a (hard science) scientist. Yes, there are references to physics, but they aren't overwhelming.
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Not much to say, but I hate to see a cool post like this go uncommented upon. I will definitely be bookmarking this one.
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Cool thumbnail sketches of the intellectual elite in autobiographical form - complete with color photos. My hope someday is that baseball cards packed with gum will be replaced by Scientist Cards. This site offers all the raw material to create them.

The top playing cards on my list would be Einstein, Ramachandran, Koestler, Asimov, to name a few. But alas, who in the general public would buy and collect them?
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