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Unembedded reporters in Iraq: Fadel al-Badrani, Dahr Jamail, Nir Rosen, Christopher Allbritton. Where they go, what they see, and what they report on gives words to the photographs at Crisis Pictures (warning: some photographs may upset you, and the site has an obtrusive agenda) .
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the site has an obtrusive agenda.

all of those sites have an obtrusive agenda.
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I worry about the "Iraqi Freedom" syndrome these soldiers will surely be dealing with upon their return to civilian life. This kind of street warfare certainly will leave some emotional scars, and many families will find that " Johnny just isn't the same, since he got back from Iraq".
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From the Crisis Pictures about page:
Who do you work for?
Crisis Pictures is not affiliated with any political organization or cause. We are neither Democrat, nor Republican.

Poking around the site, it's obviously hosted on Randi Rhodes section of the Air America Server, right? Are they hosting some kind of blogging service for listeners? Feigned objectivity is the new black, I guess.
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the iraq adventure is long before over and it's an extremely complex issue.
there are truths to both sides.
what's messed up is that the average I-get-my-information-on-what-the guys-on-the-top-are-up-to-from-TV American is fed the extreme make over version of ALL the consequences of our foreign policies. One shouldn't take any information handed to one, whether internet, paper or TV as "the ultimate truth", without ever considering the sources.
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3bm, I have read Albritton in the past and didn't think he had an obtrusive agenda, although I would understand if you gave up halfway through the list of links and hadn't read him.

As for Crisispictures, they seem to have plenty of words of their own. This is why I tell my friends that liberals shouldn't be trying to emulate jackasses like Rush Limbaugh.
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Planter - right on, bro.

I worry about the "Iraqi Freedom" syndrome these soldiers will surely be dealing with

My father was so vociferously against the War in Iraq. It stunned me as I, at first, supported it. And for the first time he began to speak about Vietnam to us.

My old man was three tour Vietnam veteran - one of the original Special Forces advisor battalion. He was a lifer and an officer - a true believer in the Kennedy vision for greater democracy in the world (our entire family has served in the Armed Forces as officers).

Even as a volunteer and officer Nam fucked him up for a few years.

Speaking of the young vital men he saw die, he said to me recently "I don't know why a bullet found them - and not me. If I lose my eyes right now I can the faces these kids like it was yesterday. [snip] I was the believer. But this kid from Buttfuck Montana paid the price..."

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