Tiny little Nader on a magcard.
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Tiny little Nader on a magcard. According to a poster at my site, he and his wife stumbled over a mysterious mag-stripe card at the mall. On this card, the number "4" and a small dot. When examined with a jeweler's loupe, it proved to be a microscopic holographic image of Ralph Nader
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I figured if anyone would know what this is, I would find them here. There's the slightest possibility he's joking, but contextually I don't believe so. It seems rather strange, but then again, Nader supporters have engaged in some very offbeat Hakim-Bey-inspired campaign techniques. This one, though ...

(Apologies for blogging my own site, but the point is the post.)
posted by dhartung at 9:26 AM on October 29, 2000

Does Ralph Nader have the protection of the Secret Service? Perhaps the card is related to their security measures.

If there are Secret Service agents protecting Nader, imagine how tired of him they are (compared to the long-suffering readers here...).

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I just got those magic eye things working for me a few weeks ago. It was a startling revelation! All these years of trying (I kept thinking of that guy from Mallrats :-) and finally, FINALLY, I relaxed my eyes properly.

Man, was it ever a let down.
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