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Bernard Cloutier has been just about everywhere. He has travelogues of several of his journeys, from last year all the way back to 1955 (my favorite is his around the world trip through China). Make sure to check out his perception of the universe, especially "Life is a Statement" and "My Toy Village".
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Very cool. I like his approach to travel. 3-4 month trips once a year, living close to the ground, traveling alone to be open to others reality. And it helps to look like Earnest Hemingway.
posted by stbalbach at 2:48 PM on February 5, 2005

He gives very open-minded descriptions of each country. Excellent travelogues.
posted by BarePaw at 3:55 PM on February 5, 2005

Great post, borkingchikapa. Thanks.
posted by c13 at 5:10 PM on February 5, 2005

Excellent site, thank's for the link.
posted by iamck at 5:25 PM on February 5, 2005

I second the kudos. Fun reading.
posted by wah at 8:06 PM on February 5, 2005

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