The Unhappy Medium
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The Unhappy Medium. If you like modern silent films like Doc Hammer's Rub, linked here previously, you may also enjoy the work of Chelsea Spear. Her Alphabet is a short about math, music and a precocious child, while The Unhappy Medium, set in the 1920's, is about spiritualism, fraud, adults and children. And some good news for the would-be filmmaker: Kodak still makes Super-8 film, and there are plenty of cameras both old and new available.
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Sort of David Lynchian, but without anything really weird (or interesting) happening. Super-8 film sounds like an interesting format, though.
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Super-8, like each film format, is a perfect medium because people can't afford to be too boring.
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I really hate to be a thread shitter, but Alphabet would probably be a better short film if it had a little timer in the corner so you'd know how much longer until it was over.

It's my own damn fault because, despite being a fan, I really disliked Doc Hammer's Rub. And I clicked this anyway.
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Just to let you know that Chelsea Spear, director of the excellent above films, is in fact one of us.
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hey unsupervised, i would email you about this off-mefi except that you don't list an eamil address in your profile. i appreciated your insightful and intelligent words about my film and would love to use the first paragraph as a pullquote on the flyers. how would i go about doing this?

kind regards,
chelsea spear
writer/director, "alphabet"
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I've made a friend today.

I'm sure you'll understand if I don't give out my email address to someone who will surely sign me up for countless pre-op transgender mailing lists. I'm sorry that I dislike your work, and I wouldn't have been so harsh had I known you would read it, partly because it wasn't so bad that I'd like to textually spit in your face, and partly because my balls are not so chromeplated.

I'd invite you to go insult me in kind over at my blog, but I see you've already taken that idea and ran with it.

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors and hope you find a more patient audience than myself. Perhaps you could strike up a friendship with box, who obviously enjoys your work.

Best Wishes,
Louis Thomas
fancy young lad/gadabout
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