Ask Jeeves buying Bloglines?
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The E Commerce Times is reporting that Ask Jeeves may be trying to purchase Bloglines.
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Google news was on this earlier, and since your link wasnt working for me I give you this.
Apparently the story was first posted on Mary Hodder's blog, napsterization.

Looks like a sad attempt by a second rate search engine to get a peice of the pie. AskJeeves has not confirmed the sale yet, but it looks imminent.
posted by sophist at 3:15 PM on February 7, 2005

I love the comment on the napsterization blog: $0 + $0 = $0

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AskJeeves is still around? "What do you get when you mix a stupid gimmick with a bad search engine?"
posted by Arch Stanton at 9:00 PM on February 7, 2005

> Ask Jeeves owns a variety of popular web destinations including,,,,,,, and several others. The combined traffic to its properties places Ask Jeeves in the top ten parent web companies in the US, as rated by both comScore and Nielsen//NetRatings in September 2004.

Of course, they picked up a lot of those at fire-sale prices, but you have to admire them for avoiding a fire sale themselves.

Last year AJ also bought a desktop search company.
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Dear Bloglines Member:

Ask Jeeves has acquired Bloglines, and we're excited about becoming the newest member of their portfolio of web services. We view this as a huge step forward for Bloglines, and a chance to achieve our mission of making RSS news reading and blogging a part of everyone's internet experience. You can learn more about the transaction by reading our press release or reviewing our Frequently Asked Questions.

We want to assure you that the Bloglines service will continue to grow and thrive. Like other companies in the Ask Jeeves portfolio, we will operate as a standalone, separate service -- the Bloglines name will remain, as will our URL, We will support our current features and services, so please continue to log in to Bloglines to search, subscribe, publish and share RSS news feeds and blogs. All users will continue to be governed by the Terms of Service you agreed to when you registered for Bloglines.

We have a great roadmap on how to integrate some of the many innovative technologies of Ask Jeeves, including its Teoma algorithmic search technology. As always, we will share news of our progress on our blog, Bloglines News. And we encourage you to participate in the conversation. Our users have been amazing help in guiding the evolution of Bloglines, and we hope you will continue to give us input so we can remain the gold standard in blogging, search, and news aggregation.

We understand you may have questions about the acquisition and we'll try to answer them all as best we can. Please continue to contact our customer service with your questions and comments.

Thanks for your loyalty, patience, encouragement and feedback throughout this exciting process.

All the best,

Mark Fletcher and the Bloglines Team

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Jeeves, second rate? At least he doesn't tell me my words are "very common". The nerve...
posted by Jack Karaoke at 11:52 PM on February 7, 2005

Hmm. Maybe it's time to invoke the "For non-commercial use only" copyright thing on my many RSS feeds and tell AskBloglines to stop carrying them.

I like Bloglines, use it to follow MeFi, but I'm starting to get that icky feeling that it will turn crappy.

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